Welcher is a talking hand who goes into the sink and washes their hands with Uma. After that, he only paid one dollar when Uma told him to pay 50$ and got killed by Oobi for not paying her 50$. In the night, he got buried by Oobi until he saw the three witnesses who saw him buried him the whole time.


When Uma walks outside with it, she mets welcher who looks suspiciously like the judge from earlier. Careless Whisper by George Michael plays as they go to the sink and wash their hands together.

Later, Uma says to the welcher, "That'll be fifty dollars, please." He only gives her one dollar, so Uma calls Oobi (now called Pimp Daddy) to deal with the welcher. "Pimp Daddy, we've got a problem!"

Upbeat piano music plays as Pimp Daddy introduces himself and tells the welcher to hand over his wallet. "What if I don't?" asks the welcher. Pimp Daddy chases him down and buries him in the yard as dramatic music plays. He realizes a trio of hands were watching him the whole time, so he has to get rid of the witnesses.


He has a blue googly eyes who looks suspiciously like the judge from episode 5 earlier.



  • TBA


  • "Here you go."
  • "I'm sorry man that's all I have."
  • "What if i don't?"
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