"The Future of Trap" is the fourth episode of Oobi Show, a short series of clips that were made between episodes 4 and 5 of Edgy Oobi. It is currently the most recent clip that is not part of the main series.

This is possibly the final Oobi Show video, since there has been no word on whether or not it's being continued.



Oobi predicts the future of trap.


  • While the other three Oobi Show videos are more like short vlogs, this one actually has an underlying theme throughout it: Oobi analyzes the changes in the trap music genre since around 2010 and gives some evidence that trap artists are actually pronouncing less and less words.
  • This is the second video where Uma and Grampu are not involved at all.
  • Like the third Oobi Show video, "The Unholy Circle of Instagram," Oobi is never seen moving his mouth or actually talking in this video.
    • However, unlike the third video, Oobi is actually addressed as a character this time.


The Future of Trap

The Future of Trap

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